How to Use a Razor Comb

hair comb

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When you're short on cash, expensive bi-monthly trips to the salon may be out of your budget. If you still want to maintain your hairstyle at home for less money, a razor comb is a good investment to make. Fairly easy to use and inexpensive, a razor comb can help you introduce texture to your hair, do away with split ends and remove excess bulk with a few short strokes. The trick to using a razor comb is knowing the correct technique.

Choose a hairstyle that works well with a razor comb. Have your hairstylist cut your hair in a textured style first, so you can simply maintain the texture at home. Razor combs work best on bobs, shags, long and layered looks and curly textures, notes the website

Fill a spray bottle with water. Wet your entire head hair with the water. Use can use a razor comb on wet or dry hair, but you'll get a more precise cut with wet hair.

Begin by cutting your bangs. Pull the hair straight in front of your eyes, doing your best to mimic the way your bags will naturally fall when you are finished. By cutting your bangs first, can also add more texture to the front of your head, and then assess the need for more texture in the body of your hair.

Section off a piece of hair that is about the width of the razor comb, suggests Angle the razor comb downward and use short strokes to "chop" at the hair.

Work the razor comb around your entire head to thin or add texture to your strands. Never drag the razor down the hair shaft. Instead, use a light hand and short strokes to move down the each section of hair.

Reassess your hairstyle after trimming your hair with the razor comb. If you still want more texture through the body of your hair, continue with the same process on comb-width sections of the hair around your head. Finish with a texturizing spray to bring out the shape and body of your hair.