Are There Any Herbal Remedies for Dark Circles Under Eyes?

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Dark circles aren't always the result of a poor night's sleep. Some people get the raccoon look due to allergies, thin skin or fluid that pools under the eyes. Others are born with circles that never seem to go away. Retinol-based products and caffeinated eye creams may help, but some of these treatments aren't cheap. To save money, go all-natural with your own herbal remedy.

Herbs That Ease Under-Eye Circles

Arnica, a yellow-orange flower, has anti-inflammatory properties and may help reduce dark circles. You can find arnica-based creams at health-food stores, or make your own remedy with the flower heads. Long-term arnica use may cause skin irritation, including blisters or eczema. Another option is chamomile. This flower constricts the blood vessels in the eyes, which makes dark circles less noticeable. Place one brewed and chilled chamomile tea bag over each eye for 10 minutes to see results. Witch hazel also is said to work -- soak cotton balls in the liquid, then place them on the skin under eyes for 20 minutes. Other herbs include fennel and mint, thought to ease inflammation. Cornflower petals reduce puffy skin under eyes.