How to Get Rid of Purple Bags Under the Eyes

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Whether attending a late-night soiree or racing the clock on an important work deadline, sometimes our busy schedules compete with getting enough rest. The next morning, you're a fright with unsightly dark purple bags under your eyes. Fortunately, plenty of home remedies can minimize these bags so that you can look your best -- for that important office presentation and the celebratory get-together that follows.

Place a refrigerated gel eye mask on your eyes. The cold mask reduces the puffiness of the bags and makes them less noticeable. You can find gel eye masks at your local pharmacy.

Put cold green tea bags on the purple bags under your eyes if you don’t have a soothing mask. The cold temperature will bring down the swelling, and EGCG, a flavinoid in green tea, will reduce inflammation.

Use ice cubes, cold spoons or cold cucumber slices on your eyes if the above remedies are not available.

Remove the eye mask, tea bags or other swelling remedy after 10 to 15 minutes.

Choose a lightweight, liquid concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your normal skin tone. It should have a yellow undertone to counteract the purple of your under-eye bags.

Apply concealer under your eyes either with your fingers or with a concealer brush.

Use a firming eye cream that fights dark circles on a daily or nightly basis to minimize future dark circles and bags.