How to Use Spoons to De-Puff Eyes

Late nights, a bout of sickness or a few tears will leave eyes a little on the puffy side. While the rest of your face may look fresh, puffy eyes will make you look unrested. Instead of scrambling for fancy creams or wishing you had put down that book an hour earlier, set aside some spoons to de-puff your eyes and get back to your fresh-faced self.

Place two clean teaspoons in the freezer at night. Eyes tend to be puffiest in the morning, and this gives your spoons plenty of time to chill.

Remove the spoons from the freezer in the morning, and rinse them under cool water to prevent them from sticking to your skin.

Close your eyes and place the rounded back of the spoons over your eyelids. Relax and hold them here for three minutes.

Place the spoons directly under your eyes, an area that is prone to puffiness. Hold them here for one minute before moving on with your morning routine.