21-Day Healthy Start Breakfast Challenge


Running late and don’t have time for breakfast? We’ve all been there. But there are many reasons to prioritize eating breakfast first thing in the morning, including weight control, improved concentration and increased energy.

We’ve rounded up 21 tasty breakfast recipes to help you make eating a healthy breakfast a daily routine. During this three-week challenge, you’ll kick-start each morning by whipping up a nutritious meal. Really, it’s a win-win for your taste buds and your body!

While the challenge officially launches on Monday, September 12, each Thursday, we’ll post seven breakfast recipes -- one for each day of the following week. This will leave you with plenty of time to shop for ingredients over the weekend.

From smoothies to oats and meatless to high-protein dishes, there's a wide variety of breakfast options that you’ll be thrilled to wake up to. And many of these can be prepped the night before. Plus, you can even customize any of the breakfasts to your liking. Or, come up with your own recipe if you're feeling adventurous!

Each time you make a healthy breakfast, don’t forget to snap a photo and share it on social media with the hashtag #LIVESTRONGBreakfastChallenge.

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For drool-worthy breakfast inspiration, watch My Nguyen (from My Healthy Dish) make her Sweet Potato Kale Hash with a Poached Egg.

Sweet Potato Kale Breakfast Hash

Watch My Healthy Dish's cooking demo as she makes Sweet Potato Kale Hash with a Poached Egg to kick off our 21-day #LIVESTRONGBreakfastChallenge 󾥥

Posted by LIVESTRONG.COM on Monday, September 12, 2016

And without further ado, here is our very first week's worth of recipes:


21-Day Breakfast Challenge: Week 1

We're stoked to kick off this first week of our breakfast challenge. From a roasted vegetable savory yogurt to a chicken sausage superfood bowl, you won't want to miss out. Remember to get a head start by shopping for ingredients ahead of time this weekend. Happy eating!

1. Monday, Sept. 12: Herb Scrambled Egg Crostini

This easy-to-make recipe features whole grain toasts topped with scrambled eggs and plenty of fresh, fragrant herbs.

For the Full Recipe: Herb Scrambled Egg Crostini

2. Tuesday, Sept. 13: Quinoa “Taco” Bowl
This "taco" bowl swaps quinoa for tortilla, but don't be deceived: it's a tortilla-less bowl that still bursts with flavor. The dish includes slow-simmered beans, smoky chipotle chicken and creamy avocado.

For the Full Recipe: Quinoa “Taco” Bowl

3. Wednesday, Sept. 14: Curry Coconut Chicken, Cilantro and Almond Oatmeal
We've made it halfway through the week, and we're celebrating with savory oatmeal. These oats are simmered in a curry-coconut broth and topped with protein-rich chicken breast, refreshing cilantro and sliced almonds.

4. Thursday, Sept. 15: Antioxidant Smoothie Bowl
Feeling thirsty? No need to pull out a straw. This spin on a sippable smoothie features a slightly thicker mixture, vibrant fruits and crunchy toppings (such as granola, nuts or oats -- whatever your palate desires).

For the Full Recipe: Antioxidant Smoothie Bowl

5. Friday, Sept. 16: Easy Caprese Frittata
It's FriYAY! Here's a quick and easy recipe that'll kick-start this splendid day. This frittata is topped with fresh cherry tomatoes, mozzarella pearls and basil leaves. And the best part: it takes just 2 minutes to cook.

For the Full Recipe: Easy Caprese Frittata

6. Saturday, Sept. 17: Roasted Carrot Yogurt Bowl with Spring Vegetables
Weekends are meant for brunch with friends. Impress your loved ones by whipping up a savory yogurt bowl that bursts with sweet snap peas and roasted carrots.

7. Sunday, Sept. 18: Swiss Chard, Squash and Natural Sausage Breakfast Superfood Bowl
This superfood bowl bursts with quinoa, fresh basil and pine nuts. Top it off with protein-rich chicken sausage and red Swiss chard, which contains compounds that can help boost athletic performance. So go on and enjoy this bowl as a post-workout meal.


21-Day Breakfast Challenge: Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of our breakfast challenge! This week, we're offering you easy-to-make breakfasts. Some even take less than 10 minutes to make. And if you missed out on last week's challenge, don't fret! It's never too late to begin.

8. Monday, Sept 19: Middle Eastern Eggs in a Mug Love hummus and pita? This breakfast recipe puts a spin on a Middle Eastern staple. It features scrambled eggs cooked with tomatoes and scallions. You'll then dip whole-grain pita chips into the fluffy egg mixture. It's a breakfast so good, you'll want to enjoy it as a snack!

For the Full Recipe: Middle Eastern Eggs in a Mug

9. Tuesday, Sept 20: Meatless Mexican Breakfast Wrap
These tortillas are topped with a lip-smacking mixture of refreshing pico de gallo, protein-rich black beans and seasoned tofu. You'll also throw in creamy, heart-healthy avocado and serve sweet papaya on the side.

For the Full Recipe: Meatless Mexican Breakfast Wrap

10. Wednesday, Sept 21: Cajun Turkey and Greens Hot Cereal Bowl
This protein-rich oatmeal tastes more like a savory soup. It brims with Cajun-seasoned turkey sausage, sweet baby kale and zingy lemon zest.

11. Thursday, Sept 22: Strawberry Rice Pudding Smoothie
If you've never tried a rice smoothie, now's the time. This delicious breakfast beverage blends brown rice with yogurt, strawberries, banana and coconut water. And the good news? It takes just 5 minutes to whip up!

For the Full Recipe: Strawberry Rice Pudding Smoothie

12. Friday, Sept 23: Brie and Egg Breakfast Bun
Breakfast sandwiches can be a quick and easy way to kick-start your day. You'll start by frying up an egg. Top a whole-grain bun with brie, and then add the egg and some arugula. Finish with a drizzle of lemon juice. And voila -- breakfast is ready in less than 10 minutes!

For the Full Recipe: Brie and Egg Breakfast Bun

13. Saturday, Sept 24: Wild Mushroom and Baby Spinach Egg Skillet
This skillet breakfast looks decadent, but it's actually light on calories and a cinch to make. It consists of wild mushrooms sauteed with spinach. And while that's cooking, you'll fry eggs on the side for an easy, one-pan meal.

14. Sunday, Sept 25: Breakfast Sushi With Red Pepper Dipping Sauce
With a little more time on our hands, Sundays are perfect for getting creative with breakfast. This low-carb "sushi" features turkey bacon, egg and tomato slices rolled up in collared greens. Enjoy it with a savory red pepper dipping sauce.


21-Day Breakfast Challenge: Week 3

Congratulations, you've reached the third and final week of our breakfast challenge! We've rounded up seven recipes that are incredibly quick and easy. Two of these are even breakfast oats that you can make the night before. Happy, healthy eating!

Susan Marque

15. Monday, Sept. 26: Vanilla, Strawberry and Fig Overnight Oats Parfait
Save precious morning time by prepping your breakfast the night before. You'll simply mix yogurt, honey and vanilla extract into your oats. Layer with chopped figs and strawberries and let everything sit in the fridge overnight. And voila! You'll have a ready-to-eat breakfast waiting for you in the morning.

Jackie Newgent

16. Tuesday, Sept. 27: "Green Eggs and Ham" Cups
These ham cups are a treat for any weekday. You'll place slices of ham into the cups of a muffin tin. Then, pour in a mixture of eggs, cheddar cheese and basil leaves. Bake for 15 minutes, and you'll have a breakfast that your co-workers will be envious of.

For the Full Recipe: "Green Eggs and Ham" Cups

Keri Glassman

17. Wednesday, Sept. 28: Mediterranean Morning Scramble
You can whip up this delicious egg scramble in under 10 minutes. Bursting with part-skim ricotta cheese and spinach, this Mediterranean breakfast offers protein and vitamins A, C and K.

For the Full Recipe: Mediterranean Morning Scramble

Jackie Newgent

18. Thursday, Sept. 29: Green Toasts
There's something incredibly comforting about toast for breakfast, and these vegan toasts don't disappoint. You'll top toasted whole-grain bread with avocado. Then, add protein-rich pistachios and edamame, and finish with a garnish of basil leaves.

For the Full Recipe: Green Toasts

Susan Marque

19. Friday, Sept. 30: Cocoa and Raspberry Rye Parfait
It's the end of the work week, and we're celebrating with another overnight parfait recipe. This one features rye flakes mixed with cacao powder and honey. You'll top the rye flake mixture with a layer of yogurt and raspberries. And if you don't have rye flakes, you can simply swap it out with oats.

For the Full Recipe: Cocoa and Raspberry Rye Parfait

Jackie Newgent

20. Saturday, Oct. 1: Mesclun Egg Salad
Who says you can't enjoy a salad for breakfast? This breakfast salad bursts with vitamin C-rich vegetables and healthy fats from avocado. Top it off with two eggs for extra protein.

For the Full Recipe: Mesclun Egg Salad

Jackie Newgent

21. Sunday, Oct. 2: Kale, Turkey Sausage and Egg Oatmeal
We're ending our breakfast challenge with a bowl of hearty, savory oatmeal. Start by cooking oats in a tasty vegetable broth. Add in protein-rich turkey sausage (or chicken, if you prefer), zesty sun-dried tomatoes and spicy hot pepper flakes. Throw in vitamin-rich kale and finish with a fried egg. It's an energy-boosting breakfast that bursts with good stuff!

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