How to Use Lime Juice on Your Face to Lighten Red Spots

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Lime juice is highly effective as a skin treatment because of its natural cleansing, lightening and exfoliating properties. The top layer of the skin absorbs it to lessen the appearance of red spots left behind by acne and other skin conditions. Over time, it safely helps the blemishes heal at a faster pace than if left untreated.

Cut a sour lime in half. Sour limes contain citric acid, making them more effective as an exfoliant and for spot treatment.

Squeeze the lime juice into a bowl.

Wash your face thoroughly. Use a deep cleanser to remove all dirt, oil and makeup from the skin and rinse with warm water to open pores.

Dip a cotton pad into the lime juice and allow it to soak until fully coated.

Place the soaked cotton pad onto a red spot, and hold it there for 5 seconds. Only apply lime juice to closed spots. Applying lime juice to open skin will sting due to the lime’s acidity.

Allow the lime juice to set into the skin for 15 minutes.

Soak a face cloth in cold water, and use it to gently pat the treated spots clean.

Apply a lightweight moisturizer to the skin to counteract any dryness and protect it as it heals.