How to Put on a String Bikini

Bikinis come in different styles but the smallest and most challenging to wear is a string bikini. The string bikini offers little support for large breasts or a round derriere; this style looks best on women with slim frames. Before you shimmy into this small style, you should prepare your skin for exposure with the appropriate hair removal and exfoliation techniques. You can't just hop in a string bikini -- it takes a few minutes to adjust and readjust the strings to achieve a comfortable, yet snug fit.

Shave your legs and remove any excess hair you do not want to show. Exfoliate the areas you are not shaving with a loofah. This skin treatment removes small bumps and makes the skin look fresh. Apply a body moisturizer to your skin to keep it soft and smooth.

Untie all the strings of the bikini. Place the bikini bottoms between your legs. The smaller piece of fabric should cover the front, while the larger piece covers the rear.

Stand in front of a mirror. You will need to be able to view how the bathing suit fits to adjust it properly.

Gather the strings on the right side at the right hip. Make a bow and tie the strings as you would a shoelace.

Grasp the strings on the left side and gather them at the left hip. Make another bow with these strings.

Look at the back and front of the bathing suit in the mirror. The bottom and front should be completely covered and rest evenly on your body. Untie and retie the strings, moving the fabric around, until you have achieved the perfect fit.

Clip up your hair away from your neck. Pick up the bikini top. Slide the bikini around your body, moving the strings under your breasts. Tie a knot in the strings.

Twist the bikini top around and gather the top strings together with your hands. Tie the bikini in a knot above the neck.

Adjust the fabric of the top to cover the breasts. Tie and untie the strings to tighten or loosen the top. Check the bikini top from all sides using the mirror.