10 Statement Hair Accessories

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Bejeweled barrettes, feathered headbands, floral clips--what's your preference? With so many options on offer, it’s difficult to know how to work bold accessories into your look without overdoing it. Beverly Hills-based celebrity hair stylist and colorist Tara Blackstock Carlson explained the hottest, easiest hair accessories to eHow.

Put a Sock In It

The high bun is in high style. “Cut the toe off a sock, then roll it into a doughnut shape,” Blackstock Carlson said. “Put your hair in a high ponytail. Thread the tail of your hair an inch or two into the doughnut, then start wrapping your hair around it as you move the doughnut towards the base of the ponytail on your head. It gets tight and you don’t need to pin it!”

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Double Strung

“Double-strand fabric or leather braided headbands look great,” Blackstock Carlson said. “You can wear these either across your forehead hippie-style or further back like a regular hair band. It’s popular to wear them on your forehead with a low bun in the back. A lot of the accessories right now are part of the ‘hippie’ Coachella look.”

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Crochet Away

“A wide knit or crochet headband is great for when you’re having a bad hair day,” Blackstock Carlson said. “It’s also great when it’s just hot and you want to pull your hair off your face and neck.” Make this look work for the warmer weather by pairing with light and breezy clothing.

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Knotted Up

“A big trend now is to take two headbands and knot them together in the front in an interlocking shape,” Blackstock Carlson explained. “You can make this yourself using wide strips of fabric. Pull the knotted headband just back from your hairline and wear the knot slightly off-center in front.”

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Embellish It

“Take a flat stretchy fabric headband, or one made of pleather-type material,” Blackstock Carlson said. “Next, attach two or three large, flat embellishments, like flat crystals or pieces of leather. You can even pin a large flat brooch.”

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Floral Fabulousness

“Make a funky, messy bun to one side of the nape of your neck and stick a large fabric flower in it,” Blackstock Carlson said. “It should peek out from behind your ear in a fun but feminine way.”

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Fascinator Fun

“Fascinators are a cute way to embrace the vintage and 20s trend we’re seeing right now. A fascinator is a large embellishment stuck to a pin, such as a piece of netting, feathers or flowers. They can look almost like a mini hat when they’re really ornate. These are easy to make yourself too!”

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Color Shot

“I constantly get asked to put in a few pink or bright color extensions,” Blackstock Carlson said. “A small shot of color in one spot like behind one ear or the back of the neck is really trendy. You can also buy clip-ins for a cheaper, simpler alternative.”

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Animal Print

“These prints look great in hair accessories and are so hot,” Blackstock Carlson said. “Just take a strip of animal-print fabric and create a headband or wrap the fabric around a bun.”

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Jeweled Combs

“In an homage to The Great Gatsby trend right now, muted diamante-jeweled combs look amazing for that vintage style,” Blackstock Carlson said. “Place one behind your ear for an understated look.”

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