How to Win Back an Ex-Boyfriend That Moved Away

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Sometimes after breaking up with a boyfriend, it is only in retrospect that you realize the mistakes you made. When your ex-boyfriend moves away, that can make it even more difficult to show him you still care and want to renew your relationship. If you want to win back an ex-boyfriend who has moved away, you need to show you miss and care about him, but also that you are happy without him.

Step 1

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Drop small reminders of happy times you spent together. If you find an old photo from a great trip you took together, send it to him, mentioning that you just stumbled across it and thought he would want a copy. When you are talking to him, make occasional references to inside jokes or funny anecdotes you shared together. If you get him laughing about the good times you shared together, he will start to remember why you made him happy. Always end your conversations on a positive note, so that he continues thinking of you throughout the day.

Step 2

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Keep in touch, but be aloof and slightly unavailable. Guys always want what they can’t have, and throwing yourself at him will only scare him off. Obviously, you need to pay a minimal amount of attention to him to let him know you are interested, but do not be available to talk all of the time. Mention new friends you are making or any new hotspots that have opened up since he has moved away. You want him to see that you are happy and living your life without him. Make it clear that you don’t need him, but instead that you want to be with him — even if you are okay alone.

Step 3

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Avoid bringing up old arguments, or starting new ones. When your ex is far away, you won’t be able to see him tomorrow and remind him why you two work well together. Avoid arguing at all costs, and never bring up old arguments from when you were together. This will just remind him of why it was a good idea to break up in the first place.

Step 4

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Find an excuse to visit, but have your own plans. Do not go on a trip expressly to visit him; that would make you seem too available. Instead, find someone to visit, such as a distant family member or old friend. You can also find an event to attend in his area that warrants a trip with girlfriends, such as a concert. Casually mention that you will be in town on a certain date and that you would love to grab a bite to eat with him.