How to Handle My Boyfriend Blowing Me Off

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

You phone, and get no return call, then a text that also goes unanswered. As you dial again, you wonder if you are making a mistake. Maybe you shouldn't call at all, you think as your finger hovers over the send button. To many, this scenario is familiar. If you have ever experienced this period of questioning and self-doubt associated with being blown off, you may be eager to know how to handle such an offense. While it certainly isn't easy to cope with a brush-off, if you willingly enter the turbulent sea of dating, you may have to do just that more often than you would lilke.

Step 1

Analyze the situation. Instead of continuing to reach out to your boyfriend only to be rebuffed, stop your attempts to contact him and try to determine what may be at the root of the issue. If you recently had a fight, for instance, he may still be cooling off and not ready to talk to you. Avoid blaming yourself. Remember, even if this blow-off is permanent, it likely isn't your fault.

Step 2

Put the issue into perspective. Though it may seem like the world is crashing down around you, it most certainly isn't. Try your best to avoid making the issue into more of a problem than it is. Continually remind yourself that, worst case scenario, the relationship ends. Either way, you will survive.

Step 3

Focus on your friends. Don't sit at home pining for your your guy. Instead, hit the town and have a girls' night. Doing so will give you something to smile about and likely allow you to forget about the guy, at least for a little bit.

Step 4

Tell your boyfriend your concerns. If and when he does return your calls, speak to him about the blow-off. Don't confront him and demand an explanation, but instead calmly tell him that you were concerned, and make sure that there is nothing that you can do to fix whatever problem may have caused him to temporarily put you on the back burner.

Step 5

Cut ties. If this blow-off is a regular thing, you will likely be better without the guy in your life. Unless you want to continually ride the emotional roller coaster that accompanies being blown off, end your relationship and seek a better, more reliable, mate.