Where Can I Compare Skin Care Products?

With the astounding variety of skin care products available to female consumers, choosing the right products for your skin type can be challenging, especially if you haven't a clue where to begin. Doing your skin care "homework" makes it possible to make an informed decision before you purchase, regardless if your budget restricts you to inexpensive drugstore skin care treatments or opens you up to high-end, niche-brand lotions and potions.

Read All About It

If there is a skin care line that you're curious about, read about it before you buy. Websites such as ConsumerReview.com, ConsumerSearch.com, Epinions.com, and ConsumerReports.org make it possible to read reviews of various skin care products and also feature their prices. Additionally, sites that sell beauty products, such as Drugstore.com and Beauty.com also include reviews of skin care lines. However, a mainstay for women serious about their skin care is a beauty site called MakeupAlley.com, which features reviews of a multitude of skin care products and lines---from common brands you see in drugstores to obscure niche brands (e.g., Fresh, Tracie Martyn), as well as those made in faraway countries (e.g., Nuxe Paris, Komenuka Bijin). The site has a skin care forum where women chat about new products, as well as post information about etailers that are having a big sale or promotional code. You have to register with the site first, but if you want the widest range of reviews of all skin care products, it is an excellent place to commence your skin care research.

Comparing at the Counter

Drugstores typically don't let you sample skin care products, forcing you to purchase on blind faith. However, large department stores have counter help to assist you with your comparison shopping and might even hand you a sample or two before you walk out the door. The downsides to comparing skin products at a large department store are not only that there are limited skin care lines available, but department stores generally feature more moderately high-end brands, such as Christian Dior, Elizabeth Arden, Clinique and Chanel, so skin care products may be more costly. If you live in a big city, check your Internet directory for the presence of Ulta or Sephora. Both of these brick-and-mortar stores specialize in beauty products and may be your best bet if you want to compare a wider variety of skin care products before you commit to a certain line.

Niche Sampling

Have you heard whispers about a hard-to-find skin care product that you cannot track down in your city, no matter how long you've pounded the mall pavement? Certain etailers that specialize in these items might carry the product line, and some have sample packages available to online consumers. If you're looking for niche-brand skin care, try BeautyHabit.com, which sells sample packages of its skin care products (three samples for $15) or Four Seasons Products (four samples for $10). On these sites you can find skin care lines that are extremely difficult to locate, such as M.Micallef, La Phyto, Suzanne aux Bains, Dr. Hauschka and This Works.