How to Repair Wahl Clippers

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Wahl has been producing hair clippers and other grooming products for men, women and pets since 1919. Their products have become a favorite for home as well as professional use. Since Wahl strives to maintain high standard for its products, urging that anything from a bad battery to a loose motor be brought in for service, the company has several service centers located throughout the US. Depending on how close you are to one of these centers, your clippers may be fixed in as little as 48 hours. Clippers which are beyond fixing may be replaced by the company.

Visit the the Wahl consumer website at

Highlight "Services" from the top menu and select "Service and Repairs."

Select your state from the drop-down menu on the page to see a listing of nearby Wahl Service Centers. If there are no locations in your state the list will default to the Wahl Factory Service Center in Sterling, Illinois. Do not rely on the list of service centers included with your product, as those centers may no longer be affiliated with the Wahl company.

Mail or take the clippers to the service center for repairs.