How to Find a Place to Live When Relocating to Another State

by Brock Cooper
Finding a place to live in a new state requires planning.

Finding a place to live in a new state requires planning.

For many people finding a job locally is not an option, or they may just want a new life or new direction outside their current area. It's a difficult decision, but once it's made, moving can be an exhilarating experience. Relocating can be a difficult process, whether you're moving one state over or across the country. Moving to a new area requires careful planning. It takes time to find an appropriate place, especially if you have children.

Consider how much time you have to move to the new state. In the case of a new job, you may have only a few weeks versus a personal decision that gives you weeks or months to make a decision on a new home. The more time you have the better decision you are likely to make.

Write down everything you need in a new home, including type of neighborhood, number of bedrooms, kind of schools, yearly tax estimate and price range. Contact various Realtors from throughout the state, if you are not sure where you want to live, or from the specific area you have targeted. Have them send information on available housing for sale or rent.

Examine the information thoroughly. Narrow down the results to a select few. Call the Realtor and get more information about the neighborhoods, taxes and schools from the areas you selected. Keep a few rental homes or apartments on the list in case you cannot find a home to buy in the time available.

Visit the area and tour the homes with the Realtor. If this is not possible because of cost or distance, have the Realtor take and send as many pictures as possible on every aspect of the homes.

Choose your home. Contact an inspector from the area and have him inspect the home for major and minor issues. Examine his report and, if acceptable, begin preparations to purchase the home.

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