What to Eat on the Two-Week Induction on Atkins

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The two-week Atkins induction is also known as "phase 1" of the program. The majority of the list of acceptable food to eat during these two weeks includes seafoods and meats, but there are also other food choices you can mix into your Atkins selections.


Enjoy low-carb seafood like tuna and salmon. Also eat shellfish like shrimp and squid. Try to avoid heavy consumption of mussels or oysters because they contain more carbs.


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Enjoy all basic types of meat like bacon, chicken, ham, pork and veal. You can also eat uncommon types of meat like quail, goose and pheasant.


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Enjoy multiple styles of eggs like omelets, over-easy, scrambled and hard-boiled. Mix the eggs with accepted vegetables or a slice of cheese.


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Only small portions of vegetables are allowed during the two weeks. The Atkins plan recommends mushrooms, iceburg lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber and celery. Other vegetables like broccoli, green olives and cabbage are higher in carbs and should be rarely eaten.


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Limit drinks to carb-free or low-carb drinks. These include club soda, diet soda, water and herb tea.Stop use of alcohol during the two weeks to cut out a lot of carbs and progress through phase 1.