What Is the Significance of Lighting a Candle When a Baby Is Born?

Nichola Evans/Photodisc/Getty Images

If you've recently had a baby, you may want to light a candle to commemorate the event. A candle lit to celebrate the birth of a baby can have several meanings that may help you and your family make the occasion even more special.


The type of candle that is lit at the baby's birth can represent several things. For instance, a blue candle usually means the baby has just come into the world; a candle in the shape of a cross can welcome a baby into a Christian home.

Ceremonial Uses

At a baby-naming ceremony or christening, a candle is sometimes lit for the newborn as a sign that the child's loved ones want the baby's path through life to be illuminated by a spiritual source. Since candles are also used to represent someone's memory, stillborn babies are often honored by a lit candle. The candles can be displayed at the child's vigil, and are sometimes lit on behalf of the mother to comfort her.

Representing Light

Some parents choose to light a candle in honor of their newborn to signify that the child has brought light and happiness to their lives. Lighting the candle for this purpose can take place immediately after the baby is delivered or during a ceremony to introduce the baby to loved ones.