What Is the Best Way to Clean Timberland Boots?

by Christopher Carter ; Updated September 28, 2017

Timberland boots come in many styles and serve many purposes, from work to fashion. Over the last 10 years, Timberland boots have become a fashion statement in urban communities across the United States. Though extremely durable, Timberland boots can get stained or soiled, just as any other boot or shoe, and need to be cleaned.

Proper Tools

You can keep your Timberland boots clean with Timberland boot-cleaning products. Timberland's footwear dry-cleaning kit comes with a cleaner bar to help you erase stains, and a brush to help remove dried dirt from your boots. The kit can be bought online (see Resources).

If you want to avoid the added expense, you can use a pencil eraser and a firm toothbrush to clean your boots.

Other cleaning items are made specifically for certain materials, so keep that in mind when you buy your cleaning products. Some cleaners are geared to fabrics, such as leather, canvas and vinyl. Timberland has a cleaner that should only be used on suede and nubuck boots.

Spots & Stains

To remove stains from your boot, brush all dried-up dirt from the soiled area. Work the cleaner bar back and forth across the stained area. Use the brush to smooth out the nap of your boot. Repeat this process as often as needed to get your boots completely stain free.

Heavily soiled areas can be cleaned with a product such as Timberland's Boot Sauce Cleaner. Once you use the brush to remove the dirt off your boots, use the cleaner on the soiled areas. Use only a small amount at first to test its effect on your boot. Boot Sauce Cleaner is good for most fabrics, with the exception of suede.

Use a sponge applicator to work the cleaning gel into the stained areas. Use a brush to smooth out the fabric and remove any excess dirt.

Renewbuck Suede and Nubuck Cleaner is best used on Timberland boots that have suede and nubuck leather.

You can find spot and stain cleaner for your boots at footwear and apparel stores such as Champs and Foot Locker. Make sure you use the type of cleaner best suited for the material from which your boots are made.


When it comes to Timberland boots, prevention is the key. Items such as Timberland's Waxed Leather Protector or Balm Proofer XL All Purpose Protector help prevent stains before they happen. It's equally important that you use protectors that guard your Timberland boots against rain and water damage.

You can use other protectors on your Timberland boots, such as Lacrosse's waterproofing spray. This protector can be used on a variety of fabrics, including Gore-Tex.

Make sure your Timberland boots are clean before applying protectors. Spread the protector evenly across the surface of the boot. Wipe off excess liquid with a clean, damp cloth. Let your boots air dry for several hours. When your boots dry, use your brush to smooth out the fabric.

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