What Is a Diaper Party?

by Sallie Schaaf Borrink

Diapers are a significant cost for new parents. A diaper party is a special kind of baby shower that provides the mom-to-be with a large assortment of diapers for the months ahead.

Fun Fact

A baby will go through eight to 10 diapers a day the first several months and approximately six to seven diapers a day during the later part of the first year. This means the average parent will need to purchase 2,800 to 3,000 diapers the first year alone.


Buying that many diapers for a new baby can be a significant drain on the family finances. Depending on the type and brand of diaper purchased, this expense can add stress to an already stretched budget.


Held just like a traditional baby shower, a diaper party is an opportunity for friends, family and coworkers to gift the mom-to-be with multiple packages of diapers in various sizes.


Find out which brand of diaper the new parents prefer and add them to the gift registry wherever they are registered. Include a variety of sizes and specify how many of each size are desired. Encourage diaper party guests to include gift receipts so the diapers can be exchanged for another size if the baby grows out of a particular size before the diapers run out.


Fun features of a diaper party can include a diaper cake made of rolled-up diapers stacked to make a tiered cake. This makes a cute centerpiece and can be pulled apart and used later.

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