Wedding Shower Gift Ideas for Daughters

A wedding shower is a time for brides-to-be to enjoy their friends and family while celebrating their upcoming nuptials. Gifts are typically given during these events. As the mother of the bride, it's important to give your daughter a meaningful gift or experience she can treasure for a long time. As you decide on a wedding shower gift, consider your daughter's interests and personality.


From a heart-shaped locket to a diamond tennis bracelet, jewelry is a traditional gift you can give your daughter during her wedding shower. If there's a family heirloom you want her to have for her wedding day, use the wedding shower as an opportunity to present it to her in a creative, sentimental way.

Spa Day

Planning a wedding can wreak havoc on a bride-to-be emotionally and physically, with the constant vendor negotiations, choosing flowers and managing the bridal party. Gift your daughter with a spa day to take her mind off of wedding planning, even if it's just for a couple of hours. Find a package that includes a manicure, pedicure, and massage or facial.

Cooking Classes

Give your daughter cooking classes as a wedding shower gift. Even if you taught her how to cook her favorite childhood meals, cooking classes can help her add a few new techniques and recipes to her arsenal that will make her comfortable cooking meals for her groom. You can give her solo classes or couples' classes she can enjoy with her groom-to-be. If she has an interest in foods from specific regions or needs help with her baking skills, sign her up for courses designated to those areas of cooking expertise.

Jewelry Box

A personalized jewelry box will provide your daughter with a safe place to put her rings at night and store her other jewelry pieces. Choose a small jewelry box she can put at her bedside and have it personalized with her new initials.

Bath and Body Products

From scented lotion and bath gels to perfume and bath salts, give your daughter some bath and body products she can indulge in to keep her skin and body fresh and smooth in the days leading up to her wedding. Purchase bath and body products in her favorite scents.

Mother-and-Daughter Getaway

Whisk your daughter away on a mother-and-daughter getaway to a destination she loved as a child or a location she's always wanted to visit. Reserve a room at a bed and breakfast inn near places where you can eat, enjoy drinks, shop and visit the town's historical places.