Wedding Catering Menu Ideas

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With caterers offering nearly every conceivable style of food, there are more options for your wedding reception than ever before. Whether you want to impress your guests with gourmet delights, wow them with unconventional dishes or satisfy them with the old classics, the food you select will help create a wedding party people will remember.

Ethnic Food

Whether you are celebrating your own ethnic heritage or are just a fan of the foods of another culture, ethnic food will add a touch of the unexpected to your wedding reception. Serve Chinese stir fry from a wok station, sushi for a Japanese flair, a selection of Indian curries, or other ethnic foods. Alternately, take your guests on a tour around the world by serving your favorite dishes from several different cultures.

Green Food

Just because you are throwing a lavish party doesn't mean you have to leave behind your values on sustainability and green living. Use a green caterer who will serve food that conforms to your values. Serve salads and soups made with locally grown or organic ingredients. Consider a vegetarian main course with tofu or tempeh. Alternately, use free-range chicken or beef for a cruelty-free meal. Go all the way with organic wine, beer and spirits, or showcase your region's brews to support local industry.

Theme Wedding

Select a theme for all of your dishes to create a unified feel for your reception. Ask your caterer to serve dishes all in the same part of the color spectrum, such as red-orange. You could serve eggplant caviar, red lentil salad, lobster and roasted red-pepper humus, with sorbet and cake with red-orange frosting for desert. Or select a theme based on the season. For an autumnal wedding, serve dishes made with apples, squashes and other seasonal delicacies.

Comfort Food

Forget ritzy; eat the comfort foods you really love at your celebration. Serve classics like steaks, burgers, mac and cheese, grilled chicken and baked beans for an all-American wedding feast. Alternately, kick up the class with marinated chicken or steaks, blue cheese burgers and other gourmet twists on the down-home classics.