What Do You Wear With an Orange Camisole?

by Jennifer Blair

Camisoles are a wardrobe essential that can come in handy for a variety of outfits. When you choose a cami in a bold color like orange, finding the right items to pair with it may seem like a challenge. But an orange camisole can still be fairly versatile, especially when you wear it with neutral or muted shades. Pick a few key pieces and let the orange serve as a fun pop of color in an otherwise understated look.

Cover Up

Camisoles are ideal for providing a little extra modesty when you’re wearing a low-cut scoop or V-neck top. An orange cami is an especially striking option under a low-cut top since it doesn’t just cover up; it can add a bright pop of color to an otherwise drab outfit. At the office, wear your orange camisole under a chocolate brown sweater with a deep V-neck and a matching pencil skirt. If you want a bold look, pair the cami with a navy or blue-gray wrap dress. You can also sport your camisole under a tan cowl-neck top that drapes low, or double up with a tank in a soft peach color for a monochromatic summer outfit.

Dress Up a Blazer

Wear a silky or lacy orange camisole with a fitted blazer for an easy, stylish look. However, avoid a traditional black blazer with your orange cami or you'll look like you’re dressed up for Halloween. Instead, choose a dark brown or charcoal blazer to keep the vibe chic and modern. Pair the blazer and camisole with dark-wash jeans and heels in a similar color to the blazer. Add a bold statement necklace with some orange stones or beads to tie the whole ensemble together. During the day, try your orange camisole with a corduroy blazer, denim skirt and ballet flats for a more casual look.

Go Sheer

Camisoles also work well to preserve modesty when you’re wearing a sexy sheer blouse. Layering one over an orange cami creates a fun look since the bold color gives your outfit a little more personality. The sheer blouse can also tone down the orange if you feel a little self-conscious in your bright camisole. Wear a sheer white fitted blouse over your cami, tuck the blouse and camisole into a pair of navy cigarette pants and add neutral strappy heels and a thick gold chain necklace for a chic, sultry outfit. You can also top your cami with a sheer patterned blouse that features orange and a few other colors for a coordinated look.

Skirt the Issue

When the weather’s warm, you may want to wear your orange camisole all on its own. Rock it with a white swing skirt ora navy-and-white striped maxi skirt, and add a pair of tan wedges and a denim vest for a causal summer look. When the weather’s cooler, opt for a corduroy skirt and layer a cardigan over it. If you want to wear your camisole in the evening, pair it with a satin pencil skirt in chocolate or navy and matching stiletto heels. Add a light silk scarf with orange accents to tie the whole look together.

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