Ways to Identify Wine Glasses at a Party

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When guests at a party are all using the same kind of glass, keeping tabs on which drink belongs to which guest can be a real challenge. Once a guest puts a glass down on the nearest flat surface, it's all too easily confused with every other identical or near-identical glass. When you entertain, you have a choice of several ways to tell glasses apart.

Wine Glass Charms

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Glass charms, or tags, are available in a multitude of styles from flowers and plain circles to animal shapes and holiday designs. Each set contains several different charms that are easily attached to the stem of the wine glass. Give a separate charm to each guest, to distinguish their glass for the duration of the party. Glass markers are reusable, so you can simply remove them from the glasses at the end of your party and store them for the next gathering.

Name Tags

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You can easily create your own disposable name tags for the wine glasses. Using card stock, trace the bottom of the wine glass onto the paper, fitting as many on each page as you can. Cut out each circle. Make one cut from the outer edge to the center of the circle. At the center, cut a small circle large enough to fit around the stems of the wine glasses. To attach to the glass, slide the stem through the cut to the center circle. Write each guest's name on the paper tag attached to their glass. At the end of the party, remove and discard the tags.


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Cut a small length of ribbon, approximately 4 to 6 inches long. Each glass will need a different color or style of ribbon. Tie each length of ribbon to the wine glass stem and tie into a bow. You can use scraps of ribbon or cut material into ribbon pieces. Material ribbon, curling ribbon or printed ribbon will work so long as each glass has a different ribbon tied to it. Ribbon can be removed at the end of the party and discarded.

Painted Glasses

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Another way to make each glass different is by painting them. You can paint an entire set of glasses with a similar design, changing one aspect of each glass to distinguish it from the rest. Rather than painting the entire glass, you can paint only a small pattern on the base of the glass, for instance painting hearts on one glass and stars on another. Craft stores stock specialized paint for use on glass, as well as a range of fine-tipped brushes suited to executing your chosen designs.

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