How to Grill Beef Medallions

Medallions of Beef Fillet

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Beef medallions is a term used to describe small cuts of beef tenderloin. These small steaks, sometimes only a couple of ounces each, often come in multiples when served at a restaurant. Medallions make good use of the smaller end of a tenderloin, which tends to be narrow and difficult to cut as a single 6-ounce steak. Medallions taste the same as filet mignon -- also cut from the tenderloin -- but the cook times will be shorter because the steaks aren't as thick. This only makes the cooking process easier.

Place the medallions in a seasoned marinade overnight, if desired. This is not necessary for texture, as tenderloin is already tender, but a marinade will soak flavors into the meat. The tenderloin is one of the least flavorful cuts of beef on its own, so flavoring in this way is helpful.

Preheat the grill to medium heat, then place the beef medallions on the grates a couple of inches apart from one another.

Grill for about four minutes on one side, then flip and grill another four minutes. If you want the steak more well done, add a minute or two to each side.

Continue cooking until the juices running from the steak are clear, then remove from the grill and serve.