How to Grill a Rump Steak

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rump steak is the least expensive of the premium stakes but, although very flavorful, it is one of the toughest. Grilled rump steaks are delicious and make great treats for your family and friends, whether at home or at a barbecue. The question is, how can we cook out some of that toughness? Although easy, this recipe is one of the best if you want your rump steak, not only tasty, but also tender.

Place the steaks in the pan and add the wine, worcestershire sauce, soy sauce and garlic. Mix well until the steaks are well covered.

Cover the pan with plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator. Leave it for a minimum 4 of hours, although leaving it overnight is highly recommended.

Heat the oil in a skillet and add the steaks. Grill them on each side from three to five minutes, depending on their thickness. Add the liquid from the marinade pan and wait for it to bubble. Remove the grilled rump steaks from the pan and server while still hot.