What Is Rump Steak?

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Rump steak, also called round steak, is a less costly beef cut suitable for cooking and creating beef-based dishes. Though round steak cannot simply be thrown on a grill and cooked in the same manner as a simple grilling steak cut such as sirloin; rump steak is ideal for recipes in which the beef is cooked, stewed or braised in liquid to impart tenderness.

Cut Location

Rump steak is located in the hindquarters of the cow, which is known as the rump or round. This area is the leanest area of a cow, and the meat derived from this section has less fat and marbling associated with it. Rump steaks, also referred to as round steaks, are found in the upper portion of the hindquarters.


Rump steaks are a less expensive cut of beef, especially when compared to other steak cuts such as T-bone, Porterhouse and sirloin. Because of the hind location of this cut, this type of steak is not suitable for grilling without first tenderizing or marinating the beef to help soften and flavor the meat.

Cooking Options

Braising, broiling, sauteing or even pan frying rump steaks will help impart more flavor in this cut of beef compared to other cooking methods, To generate the most flavorful and tender rump steak, braising in flavorful liquid is the most preferred method of cooking, Using wine, beer, stock or seasoned water-based liquids to cook rump steaks will help make them flavorful and tender.


The term rump steak is primarily used throughout Europe, whereas the same cut of beef in the United States is generally referred to as round steak. This allows one to substitute round steak or any cut of beef derived from the round or rump section of a cow for recipes. Depending on the way in which the rump steak is to be used, alternate beef cuts can include rump roasts, eye round steaks and tip steaks. Options are expanded when the recipe calls for cubed or cut rump steak, which then allows for any type of beef cut to be substituted; provided the meat is seasoned, marinated, tenderized or cooked in liquid.