Valentine's Day Ideas for Young Daughters

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Valentine’s Day isn't just for couples. If you have children, you can plan a celebration and give meaningful gifts for this holiday to show you much you love them. Many girls cherish the memories they have of Valentine’s Day gifts and celebrations that they shared with their parents during their younger years.


Give your daughter an engraved piece of jewelry as a special Valentine’s Day gift. Bracelets or necklaces are the best types of jewelry to give young girls because they can be equipped with a special kind of lock so that they won’t fall off during play. Consider getting a heart pendant or charm bracelet. Charms can be added to the bracelets every year or for different occasions. These gifts are best for fathers to give to their younger daughters but can be given by either parent.


If your daughter has a sweet tooth, give her a basket of goodies. Bake her favorite cookies or brownies. You can purchase a personalized bag of M&Ms with little “I Love You” messages in red and pink colors. You can also create a basket to suit her interests. A popular basket theme is the “movie night” basket. Put a few of her favorite movies, instant popcorn and candy boxes. You can use a pink popcorn serving bowl to stick with the Valentine’s Day motif and include a plush blanket.

Paint Ceramics

Take your daughter to a pottery studio or ceramic painting studio a week before Valentine’s Day. Pick out matching items to decorate and spend quality time together creating your masterpieces. The studio will glaze your items and have them ready for you to pick up a few days later. Wrap them and attach a special message or a card. Present them to your daughter on Valentine’s Day with a flower. She will always remember the day you spent together and have these ceramics to display for years.

Other Ideas

If all else fails, Valentine themed plush animals are always appreciated by youngsters. You may also consider taking your daughter out for a mother-daughter or father-daughter night on the town. Let her get dolled up and take in a movie and dinner together on Valentine’s Day. Another option may be to cook dinner with your daughter and host a mini party. Allow her to take part in decorating the house, choosing dishes and preparing them. Then invite a few extended family members over to enjoy and play board games.