Do You Use Foundation or Concealer to Cover Up Pimples?

Paul Tearle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

In the battle against pimples, makeup goes a long way when applied correctly. You may ask yourself if it’s better to use foundation or concealer for covering up pimples, when in fact a combination of the two is more effective than just one or the other. The thickness of concealer covers your pimple while foundations helps you blend the coverage with the rest of your face.

Cover Then Blend

Concealer is significantly thicker than foundation, with a consistency comparable to lipstick. For most effective results, blot it on with a finger or small makeup brush. Wiping or smoothing on concealer blends it into the skin too much, leaving your pimple exposed. Concealer usually comes in yellow and pink undertones to match different skin colors, and tends to stand out more on your face. Use foundation to blend the outer rim of your concealer with the rest of your face, then dab a little over the pimple with your finger. The two blended together provide even, natural-looking coverage, even when a pimple is in the mix.