How to Trace Asian Ancestry

by Jacky Gamble

Genealogy is the study of a family’s ancestral origins. Tracing Asian ancestry involves researching family lines that originate from Asian countries and territories. The precise methods for conducting research may vary between each country or territory, as laws for how records have been kept through history, and how they can be accessed today, may be different. However, there are some basic genealogical standards that can help a genealogist who is interested in tracing Asian ancestry.

List the names of all relatives and ancestors that you know. Include all known dates and locations of births, deaths and marriages. Begin with yourself, your parents, and your grandparents. If possible, ask living relatives to help you with this list.

Research the names on your list using the various Asian genealogy resources available on the Internet. Some websites worth checking out include, and Websites for tracing ancestry in specific Asian countries and territories are also available.

Use Asian ancestry message boards to ask questions or connect with other genealogists who may be tracing a common Asian ancestor. Other genealogists can often lead to sources and information you may not have otherwise thought of or known about.

Read books about Asian genealogy and ancestry. Books can be located online, in bookstores, and in local and genealogical libraries. Book topics can vary, from general Asian genealogy tutorials, to genealogical information about specific Asian locations or surnames.

Visit the town or city that your Asian ancestors immigrated to. Look for vital records (certificates of birth, death and marriage), land records, immigration and naturalization records and any other available records that could be useful in learning about who your Asian ancestors were.

Plan a trip to your Asian ancestors' country of origin. Determine where records are kept (possibly in churches, town offices, courthouses, etc.), and look for any records about your ancestors.

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