Top 10 Trends From Bridal Fashion Week

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At Fall 2014 Bridal Week, wedding dress designers unveiled their fall collections. Lori Allen, president of Bridals by Lori in Atlanta – home to "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta," and Monte Durham, fashion director for "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta," share their thoughts on what to expect in the coming year. From romantic lace to modern silhouettes, there is a gown that will help you feel like you on your wedding day.

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Turn Your Back

While most brides put their best face forward, your back can also draw a lot of attention. "Most gowns have major back interest, from lace to light beading in patterns of vines with lace and buttons," Durham said. Designers also are making brides' backs more visible. The lower the back the better, Allen said.

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Up to Your Neck

Going forward, Allen said, the fronts of wedding gowns are getting more conservative, with fewer deep sweetheart necklines. Instead, Durham said, scooped, jewel and V necklines were prevalent in every designer's upcoming collections. Even so, it may take brides a little time to catch up to this trend. "Strapless sweetheart is still brides' number one choice," Durham said.

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Cover Up

While strapless wedding gowns have been all the rage for several years now, designers are expanding their lines to include a little more variety. "Sleeves and straps are becoming more and more popular," Allen said. "Strapless is waning." These sleeves include cap sleeves, one-shouldered tops and even full-length sleeves. Straps range from wispy spaghetti to wide, tank-style styles.

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A Softer Touch

Soft, flowy fabrics are reigning on wedding dress skirts, said Allen. They are gathered at the natural waist with a sweep of a train, Durham added. "There's still structure in silk and satin with longer trains, however, a more organic feel was on every runway."

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Drop It Down

Designers are moving away from a natural waistline in favor of gowns with a dropped waistline. "Natural waist has ruled, but this season we saw some dropped waistlines again," Allen said. Dropped-waist designs were seen with a variety of necklines as well, including V-necks, spaghetti straps and, of course, strapless.

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Be Colorful

Although a white wedding dress traditionally is the top choice for most brides, it is starting to see more of a challenge from non-white hues. "Color is coming, whether it is a blush, blue or silver, color is coming back," Allen said. "Some designers also featured red and black."

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It's All in the Details

In a move toward adding extra dimension to their upcoming collections, many wedding gown designers incorporated some extra touches to their dresses. "Accessories, belts and light beading were mostly seen on the bodice of the gowns," Durham said. "Belts lead the trend in this category." Those belts ranged from simple ribbons to more elaborate pieces featuring a lot of bling.

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Tried-and-True Favorite

Even though today's brides are quite modern in many ways, there is one old-fashioned favorite they continue to want in their wedding gowns: lace. "Lace is still popular," Allen said. Wedding dress designers answer this demand by including lace in a number of ways: as overlays, in the sleeves and across the neckline.

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Be the Princess

When it comes to their weddings, many brides want to feel like a true princess, the belle of the ball, if you will. As a result, Allen said, ball gown wedding dresses are starting to reappear even as the popular fit-and-flair style still rules. These designs, too, feature a variety of styles so brides can find one that fulfills their fairy tale vision.

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Old-Fashioned Appeal

Many brides choose a time-honored look for their big day, and designers are happy to oblige. "Vintage-looking gowns and broaches still are hot," Allen said. A lot of these designs feature many of the trends mentioned earlier: lace, varied necklines, sleeves and even color.

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