The Trick of Applying an Egg White Mask to Tighten the Skin


0:03 hi I'm Mika Leone

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0:08 we create natural solutions for you

0:09 today we are going to show you how to

0:11 apply egg white mask egg white masks

0:15 have been used for many years

0:18 and they're still used today in spas

0:20 usually in powdered form but today we're

0:22 going to show you how to use it with

0:25 actual egg whites I also like to add

0:28 honey to mine because it moisturizes the

0:30 skin it gives it all these vitamins so

0:33 it's a good one to add to your mask I

0:36 think it also gives it more of a a nice

0:40 consistency that doesn't feel so tight

0:43 and dry when you're taking it off so we

0:46 apply a little bit of honey and this

0:51 depends on how sticky you want it you

0:53 can apply as much as you want just to

0:55 your consistency we're going to stir it

0:57 up a little bit and I've got here like a

0:58 little fan brush here and what you do is

1:04 you're going to apply it in strokes

1:06 you're going to start from the neck in

1:09 the decollete area and you're going to

1:10 work your way up like it so there you go

1:15 and then you're also going to have it

1:18 what you want to do as you make sure

1:20 when you put it on the lines around the

1:22 side of the jaw you're lifting with it

1:24 so all the strokes are lifting strokes

1:28 and you're going to try to keep your

1:31 face as still as possible I'm talking

1:33 right now but you don't want to talk

1:34 when you're putting this on you want it

1:36 to dry as close to the skin as possible

1:38 so when you apply it try not to talk and

1:41 you put this on for 15 to 20 minutes and

1:44 then you take a nice cool cloth and you

1:49 go in sweeping motions after it's dry

1:51 wait until it's totally dry in your face

1:54 and you take it and you Pat it on the

1:57 egg white mass at first to loosen it up

2:00 add a little pressure and you want it to

2:04 be really wet like so

2:08 and then you take and you remove it and

2:11 up streets strokes like so like so and

2:18 then you can apply your toner your

2:20 serums and your moisturizers thanks for

2:23 watching today I'm Micah Lyon at North

2:25 apothecary have a great day

2:34 you