The Steps to a High-Gloss Boot Shine Images

After some wear, slick-looking, glossy boots can lose their shine. You can restore a high shine at home without a trip to the shoe shop. Polishing your boots keeps the leather supple and attractive as well as providing protection from dirt and debris. Spit shine your boots to get a high gloss. You can use this polishing technique on different types of boots and shoes.

Clean the boots with a solution of rubbing alcohol and water -- a 10 to 90 percent ratio works well. Dampen a corner of the soft cloth in the solution. Rub the shoes to remove all the dirt and debris.

Apply a cream-based polish to the boots using a polish applicator. Apply the polish in a thin coat over the entire boot, except the soles.

Set the boots on newspaper, and allow the polish to dry for 10 to 20 minutes.

Apply a second layer of polish to the boots. Breathe on small sections of the boot then brush the area with a horsehair brush to get a high shine. Continue working on the second layer of polish, breathing on and brushing a small section at a time.

Wax the boots with boot wax using a microfiber cloth. Wrap the cloth around your index finger. Work the wax into the boots using small, round circles.