The Fashion of Motown


0:05 hi I'm Sarah nice Burroughs from coterie

0:08 and this is the fashion of Motown so the

0:11 most iconic thing about Motown fashion

0:14 is Maude it was really based on the

0:17 music and mostly based on four women

0:19 Diana Ross and The Supremes the thing

0:22 that you have to remember about

0:23 melatonin fashion is it's very hard

0:25 lines it's geometric there's a lot of

0:27 contrast and a lot of hard silhouettes

0:30 all the way from the hair to the makeup

0:32 to the clothes so today we're showing a

0:33 very traditional Motown look it's very

0:37 mod we're doing a very clean hard bob

0:39 with great cat eyes and some nude

0:42 lipstick we've also chosen a really

0:44 perfect black and white dress with a

0:46 really short hemline so undressing

0:49 Motown

0:49 you can never go wrong with clean lines

0:51 nude lips and cat eyes

1:00 you