The Best Way to Lace Vans

by Andie Francese

Van shoes are commonly straight laced with a hidden knot.

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Vans sneakers are a variety of sports shoes, commonly worn by skateboarders. The shoes are valued for their rugged looks and sticky soles which allow for a better grip on a skateboards deck. Vans, which were fist manufactured in the 1960s, have grown into a fashion icon and thus there are a variety of ways to lace and wear the shoes. Most commonly the shoes are laced “straight” with a hidden knot which prevents an untied shoe from creating an issue while on a skateboard.

Step 1

Place on side of the lace in the lowest left eyelet. Place the other side in the lowest right eyelet so that each lace comes through the inside of the sneaker. Pull tightly so the lace sits snugly against the tongue of the sneaker.

Step 2

Lace the left eyelet up to the next left eyelet and across to the next available right eyelet. This will create a straight bar across the sneaker.

Step 3

Take the right lace and lace it into the next available right eyelet. It will be two eyelets up from the laces current location, then across to the next available left eyelet.

Step 4

Continue lacing in this manner until you reach the top of the sneaker. Both laces will be on the inside of the sneaker. Pull the tongue outward and tie a knot in the two laces underneath the tongue of the sneaker.

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