The Best Hairstyles for Women With Baby Fine Hair

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Fine hair can sometimes seem unmanageable and leave you feeling frustrated. Luckily, there are many ways to fix this problem. Fine hair is not a burden but a blessing in disguise. As with any hair type, some styles work better with fine hair than with any other type. The trick is knowing what they are and how to achieve them.

The Bob

Fine hair looks its best when the haircut is shorter and a single length. The classic bob cut adds fullness and body to fine hair. This style works best with heart-shaped faces, but can be altered to fit any face shape. Instead of straight cut ends, ask the stylist for notched ends. This not only adds body, but also style to the hair.

Long Layers

Layering is a great way to add body to baby fine hair. It allows you to have long hair without it looking limp. The best part is that layering works with any face shape. Layers are easy to maintain and give your hair style without a lot of work. You can let your hair air dry for a natural look or blow-dry it to obtain a more polished look.

The A-line

The front of this style starts out longer in the front while gradually becoming more tapered in the back. This method adds style and volume to fine hair. The back of the hair is tapered to the neckline, then layered to keep some length while adding volume. The front slopes down toward the shoulders to give the hair body without looking bulky. While this style does need to be trimmed up regularly, it is considered one of the more trendy looks.


Side-swept bangs work well with any hairstyle and hair type. These bangs are cut at an angle and sweep to one side of the forehead. They are considered more of a classic look. Try them with long layered hair or with a shorter cut. If you are looking for a style with a modern feel, try a full bang. This style of bang covers the entire forehead. Thicker bangs look best with shorter styles like the bob, but can be incorporated into any look.