The Average Cost of Laundry Ironing Services

Laundering garments at home and having them professionally ironed is one way to save a little on outside laundry costs. Many cleaners steam or press items for about two-thirds the full cleaning cost. Because items you've washed at home require service providers to rewet them with spray sizing before ironing, you may save only about 50 cents to $1 off the price of full-service laundering per item. Costs for ironing-only are not commonly posted online; however, discount coupons may be found on many cleaners' websites.

Suits and Dress Clothes

Pressing a man's or woman's suit requires the most expertise. In addition to a pressing board, ironing services utilize a pressing cloth to prevent shiny spots on the fabric. In 2009, laundry services usually charged a minimum of $6 to iron a two-piece suit. It can be time-intensive to iron pleats, creases, darts, shoulder seams and pocket flaps.

Business Shirts and Blouses

Some individuals find it's worth the money to hire someone to press white cotton business shirts and blouses. The look of a crisp shirt or blouse worn under a suit can provide a professional appearance for executive meetings or serving important clients. Ironing a dressy cotton blouse or shirt can start at about $1.50, but ironing services may offer a slightly reduced rate for ironing five or more shirts or blouses.

Skirts, Pants and Trousers

The average cost to have a woman's skirt or pants ironed individually can run $4 or more. Men's trousers run approximately $5 each for ironing. The crispness of pleats, made possible by steam pressing with special equipment, and the flatness of seams ironed into a garment by professional ironing services can give the garment a more tailored appearance.

Jeans and Casual Clothes

Blue jeans and casual clothes, such as cotton jackets, can start anywhere from $1 to $6 if ironed by a service. Some may find ironing casual clothes helps them look their best and believe inexpensive clothes may look costlier if well pressed.

Linen, Silk and Satin Garments

Ironing a linen skirt, dress, pants or jacket can start at about $5, since linen is a wrinkly fabric by nature and it takes time to correctly iron it. Other fabrics that may be difficult to iron at home include delicate fabrics, such as silk garments, men's neckties, and satin blouses or dresses. Ask others for recommendations on ironing services before using one unfamiliar to you.

Miscellaneous and Household Items

Cost for ironing curtains, drapes, tablecloths, cloth napkins and children's clothes will depend on the size of the item. Children's items or cloth napkins typically cost less than $1 to press in 2009. Two curtain panels or two panels of heavy drapes may cost $3 to 10 or more if a home-based service irons them. Laundry services may charge $20 or more for ironing large items with yards of fabric or drapes with a separate lining.