How to Tell If a Blind Date Is Into You

by Leah Campbell

There is a world of anxiety that accompanies blind dates, wondering if you will be interested in the person you are set to meet and worrying about whether or not that interest will be returned. Once you arrive, however, and discover that your date is indeed crush-worthy, how can you tell if the feeling is mutual?

Say My Name

When a date continues enthusiastically using your name, it can indicate plenty of chemistry, explains body language expert and author Patti Wood in the article "How to Tell If Your Date’s Really Into You" for This can be a playful reiteration of your first and last name or even simply repeating your first name again and again. It is a way that people unconsciously lay claim to potential romantic partners, practicing how the name sounds with repetition and preparing for the chance to use that same name again many times in the future.

Insatiable Curiosity

If your date is striving to learn as much about you as possible, it can be a great sign of attraction. Questions that indicate a genuine curiosity about who you are and where you come from show that your date is interested in getting to know more about you. When you find yourself feeling the same curiosity about this potential romantic partner, the attraction is likely mutual.

Not Ready to Leave

It is always a good sign when your date vocalizes a desire to see you again or expresses remorse that the night is coming to an end, explains author and dating coach Lori Pinkerton in the article "How to Tell If He's Really Into You on the First Date." Obviously, if your date immediately makes a suggestion for a second date, there is interest being expressed. Even without that jump-to-the-chase approach, you can likely assume that an attraction is there if your newest crush keeps finding excuses to extend the date.

For the Memories

A date who hands you a token as something to remember the evening by is definitely into you. This is true even without blatant commentary about the purpose of the token. Ensuring you have a matchbook from the restaurant you two are eating at or the ticket stub from the movie you saw together is a way of providing you with a keepsake. It is your date’s way of making sure the evening's events remain on your mind even after the parting kiss.

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