Sympathy Gifts for the Death of a Mother

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The death of your mother is typically a devastating experience, no matter how old you are or your mother's age. If you are a close friend or family member of someone who has lost his mom, you can show your concern and loving support by sending a thoughtful and appropriate bereavement gift that honors her memory and brings comfort to the family.

Gifts That Show You Care

If you have a photograph of your friend's mother that her children might not have seen, place it in a decorative frame for display. If you have several pictures, put them in a small photo album. For young children, purchase games or puzzles to keep them occupied and distracted. Or, make a "memory box" for the children to place a collection of mom's personal items such as her favorite earrings or even her pen or comb. Grown children might appreciate a voucher for a cleaning service to help put mom's home in order or a gift certificate for a spa treatment. Decorative garden stones, available with inscriptions, generic comments about motherhood or a personal statement about the mom, make a lasting memorial.