Styles of Men's Gold Chains

by Ryn Gargulinski

Figaro chains feature oblong links interspersed along the length of the chain.

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Men’s gold chains come in a variety of styles, depending on the statement the man wants to make. Some, like the snake chain, can be very sleek, slim and understated. Others, like the curb chain, are best known for their chunky size and overstated flair. The simpler chains are best for men who want to adorn them with medallions, according to the Jewelry Love to Know website, while the more elaborate chains make a statement on their own.


Rope chains, as the name suggests, resemble a length of rope. The chain’s design often looks like two strands of rope twisted together in an evenly spaced pattern. A variation on the theme is the Milano rope, which features an oblong link interspersed between smaller rope chain pieces.

Curb and Cuban Link

Curb and Cuban link chains feature identically sized, round links evenly spaced together throughout the entire chain. The links lay flat, as if pushed or ironed down, creating a smooth, sleek surface along the length of the chain. Curb chains lay flatter than the Cuban links.


Figaro chains feature the same smooth, flattened links as the Cuban link, but they are not spaced evenly throughout. An oblong link is interspersed between every two or three round links, creating a variation on the pattern.


Mariner chains have individual links that are more elaborate than a simple loop. The links are oval, each with a post down its center. Mariner chains also come in a flatter style, like the curb or Cuban link, or in a thicker, raised style.


A series of thick, square links make up a box chain. The links are all the same size and fit together by alternating their positions. Links that are standing upright are connected together by those lying on their side. The box links create a solid, thick chain with squared off edges.


Snake chains consist of a solid, tightly woven length of chain. The weave can be round, with small lines straight up and down along the length of the chain, or octagonal, with the small lines at a 45-degree angle.

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