How to Style a Leopard Scarf

Something as simple as a leopard scarf can add pizazz to even the most bland outfit. Not only does a leopard print scarf look great when worn the traditional way, but there are countless other ways it can be styled, adding drama and fun to any outfit. Keep a scarf on hand for those days when you need to add a pop to your look. A leopard scarf can be edgy and trendy, and animal prints never go out of style.

Neck Scarf

The most classic way to wear a scarf is simply tied around your neck. Fashion an easy loop around your neck with one end of the scarf over your shoulder, and the other hanging down. When you wear as a neck scarf, make sure it is the only printed piece you are wearing so it doesn't clash or overwhelm. Leopard scarves look best with neutral colors, but can also stand out against red or purple tops.

Hair Accessory

Dress up a drab day by using a leopard scarf as a hair accessory. Tie the scarf around your hair like a headband, and pull it around so the ends of the scarf hang artfully down your back or over your shoulders. You can also use as a chic head wrap, simply cover your head with the scarf, tying the ends underneath for a bohemian look.

Purse Pop

Liven up a lackluster bag by tying a bold leopard print scarf around the handles of your purse. This stylish and creative way to spice up your look is one of the easiest to pull off. Knot around the handles of your bag and create an oversized bow, or let the ends hang down if the scarf is not too long. A silk scarf works best here and adds a luxe look when using an oversized, solid color bag.

Belt It

A long leopard printed scarf makes an easy-to-wear belt. Keep it casual with a plain white t-shirt and jeans, or dress it up with a black sheath. Tie the scarf into a bow, and let the ends hang down loosely. Make sure the rest of your outfit is fairly basic using the leopard as a statement piece. A thicker, wider scarf may need to be folded in half to work well.