Spices Used in Chicken Rice Soup

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Chicken rice soup can be a tasty, hearty and filling—yet very simple—meal. You might find, however, that simply boiling chicken and rice together does not produce an interesting soup. Fortunately, there are several spices you can add to make your soup delicious and flavorful. You can use all of these spices or combine them in a way that suits your taste.

Salt and Pepper

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Salt and pepper are the basic seasonings in many savory dishes, and chicken rice soup is no exception. Because most people are so accustomed to eating these flavorings in so many dishes, you can add salt and pepper to make your soup more flavorful without worrying that they will add a distinctive or noticeable flavor of their own. For this reason, you can use salt and pepper regardless of the other spices you intend to add, as there will be no conflict of flavors.


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Bay leaves can add a subtle flavor and aroma to your soup. If you want to keep your soup relatively basic, add a few bay leaves at the beginning of cooking. They will blend with the soup as it cooks, making the final result aromatic and more flavorful than it would have been without overwhelming it with their flavor. Remove the leaves before eating or serving the soup.


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Mint is a common ingredient in exotic dishes, ranging from the Indian pudina rice to the Greek tzatziki. It also brings an association of cool refreshment, as in mint lemonade or a mojito. To bring either this exotic or refreshing suggestion to your chicken rice soup, add some crushed mint. This works especially well if you intend to serve chilled chicken rice soup on a hot summer day.

Chili Flakes

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If you like a hint of heat in your chicken rice soup, add some chili flakes. Even a few small pinches into a large pot can add an extra dimension of complexity to an otherwise potentially bland soup. If you’re a fan of spiciness, you can add more until the soup suits your taste. Be careful, though; chili flakes add a heat that can quickly intensify. If you are making your own soup, add fewer chili flakes than you think you need and give them a few minutes to blend with the soup, then taste it and add more if necessary.