"Soupy" Rice with Pigeon Peas


0:04 hola I'm Daisy Martinez for I Hakam

0:07 today we're going to make wittle Pecos

0:10 answer two risotto Bao Bao I've started

0:19 out by browning a little bit of smoked

0:21 pork butt that I've cubed in a little

0:26 bit of a short oil and we've made that

0:27 before on ehal and today I'm going to

0:30 add a cup of sofrito something else

0:33 we've covered on it you have and I'm

0:35 just gonna cook that out well and you

0:43 get like this beautiful fragrance once

0:47 that sofrito hits the family and the

0:52 soil a little bit of cumin about a

0:54 teaspoon and I have here's here's a word

0:57 for you Alka parado a Kappa trado is

1:00 nothing but a fancy Spanish word for

1:02 olive salad there's one son India olives

1:05 some capers and some little red pimentos

1:07 basically roasted red peppers and we're

1:11 going to add that in that adds another

1:13 delicious briny note 2 i'll of us allow

1:17 I now so bow is one of those dishes that

1:20 can be as humble or as elegant as you

1:25 want you can make a soap out with

1:27 nothing but beans and rice like we're

1:29 going to be doing today i have a meeting

1:31 my rice and then I'm adding my pigeon

1:34 peas which this I mean in Puerto Rico

1:39 gandules a king these are pigeon peas

1:41 and we love them it's a really really

1:43 fun legging okay and so everything is

1:46 added we added our bay leaf or cumin or

1:50 sofrito Rho at the oil that beautiful

1:52 cubed ham smoked ham but and then we're

1:56 going to add our stock now you can use

2:00 chicken stock with this you can use beef

2:02 stock with this what's great about this

2:08 is that you now bring this to the boil

2:10 and once it comes to the

2:13 oil you simmer it and a little salt and

2:16 we'll tweak that again later and what

2:25 we're left with once it's come to the

2:26 boil you lower your lower the heat you

2:28 let it simmer and what we're left with

2:29 is this a beautiful stick soupy rice

2:36 almost like I don't know like the

2:38 consistency of porridge almost oh ok so

2:44 and this is the way that I like to do I

2:46 like to drink my ass will PAL let's turn

2:48 this else about off because it is done

2:50 I've got a half a knob on arrow here in

2:52 my bowl can you see that I'm not

2:55 cheating and there's seeds in the ball

2:56 ok and I'm a just to release the

3:01 oils a little bit and then I add my ass

3:11 will bow

3:16 oh my goodness

3:26 if you've never tried gandules before

3:28 this is a perfect starter because you

3:30 have to do basically next to nothing to

3:32 this dish and you see the rice is soft

3:34 not mushy just barely starting to bloom

3:37 or to curl at the edges and then you

3:39 have those beautiful meaty gandules with

3:42 the smoke of the ham wow it's like a hug

3:49 for your mommy I'm Daisy Martinez free

3:53 house calm and I am loving so myself out