What Type of Food Do People in Honduras Eat?

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In Honduras, you'll find a variety of dishes rooted in tradition that are rich in flavor. Similar to cuisines found throughout Latin America, the food in Honduras features flavors and textures that will enliven your taste buds and invigorate your senses.

The Flavors of Honduras

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Honduran cuisine is known for flavorful dishes made with simple and wholesome ingredients such as beans, seasoned meats, seafood, cheese and potatoes. Latin American staples are also found in Honduran recipes, such as the tortilla and the plantain. Chilies, cinnamon and cumin are key flavors in many Honduran dishes.


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The traditional condiment of Honduras is chimole, which is typically served with meals. Chimole is a aromatic salsa made from chopped tomatoes, coriander and chili.

Semilla de Jicaro

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Commonly referred to as a horchata in Spain and Latin America, the semilla de jicaro is a Honduran drink that is very thick and sweet. Each country has its own special version of this recipe. In Honduras, this beverage is made from ground rice, spices and jicaro seeds mixed with milk and sugar.

Traditional Honduran Meals

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A Honduran Breakfast The key ingredients in a Honduran breakfast are beans, eggs and tortillas. Hondurans also eat cereal, but it is served with warm milk instead of cold milk, which is what Americans are accustomed to.

Pastelitos de Carne Pastelitos de carne is a dish that is made like the Cuban empanada. Meat, such as chicken, pork or beef, is combined with vegetables, as well as rice or potatoes, and then stuffed into a pocket made of pastry dough. The pocket is sealed then deep-fried.

Burritas Similar to the well-known burrito, the burrita is a main dish that is made from avocados, meat, beans and homemade cheese. All of these savory ingredients are rolled into a crispy tortilla, opposed to a steamed tortilla used for the burrito.

Tamales Commonly found throughout Latin America, the tamale is a traditional Honduran dish that is made by filling a corn or plantain husk with chicken or pork, a corn-based dough, cheese, potatoes and chilies. The tamale is cooked by steaming and can be purchased from street vendors, markets and restaurants.

Honduran Desserts

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The main dessert served in Honduras is the traditional tres leches cake, which is a vanilla cake that has been soaked in a combination of three milks: whole milk, evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk. Another dessert is arroz con leche, which is a rice pudding this is served in many Latin American countries, including Honduras. This dessert is made from a combination of cooked rice, condensed milk, cinnamon and vanilla.