Fiesta Foods for Spanish Class

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An important part of teaching students Spanish is also instilling in them an appreciation for Hispanic cultures. For this reason, plan activities that emphasize other aspects of the culture besides language; one such activity is having a Spanish party where you can serve a variety of traditional fiesta foods. These Spanish class party foods will give the students a “taste” of the culture they learn about everyday.


Paella is a popular rice dish made in Spanish culture. There are no specific ingredients that must be used to make paella. It can be made using a variety of meats and vegetables. Paella is made with rice that is simmered in beef, chicken, or vegetable stock until the rice is softened. Any types of vegetables can be used, and chunks of chicken, beef or other meats can be added for meat eaters. Paella has a toasted bottom that gives it a combination of crispy and soft textures. Paella is sometimes confused with risotto.

Chips and Salsa

Chips and salsa are an easy Spanish food that even the pickiest eater can enjoy. Salsa is primarily made using diced tomatoes, peppers and onions. There are a variety of salsa recipes available; some that use mangos, black beans, jalapeno peppers and lime juice. The salsa can be served with chunkier vegetables or pureed for a runnier texture. Tortilla chips are served with the salsa for dipping.


Guacamole is a delicious Spanish dish that has made its way into other cultures because it is so tasty and healthy. Guacamole is made primarily using avocados, onions, Serrano chilies, tomatoes, salt, cilantro and limejuice. A molcajete is the traditional tool used for making guacamole, which looks like a mortar and pestle. However, guacamole can easily be made using a simple bowl and spoon. Guacamole is often served as a dip for tortilla chips and a side dish for other Mexican and Spanish foods, such as quesadillas, burritos and tacos.


Flan is a traditional Spanish dessert that resembles a type of custard. Flan dates back to the Romans, but was adapted by the Spanish culture into the custard-style dish that it is today. Flan is made with sugar, milk, eggs and vanilla extract. Caramelized sugar makes a thicker, caramel base, and is also drizzled on top of the flan. The creamy texture of the custard mixes well with the rich taste of the caramel to make it an enjoyable dessert to finish off your party.