How to Remember My Deceased Brother at a Church Wedding

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Your wedding is the beginning of a bright future for you and your spouse, but it can be difficult when you're also acknowledging the passing of your sibling. Though you may miss your brother on your big day, there are loving ways to include him in the ceremony without detracting from the joyous purpose of the day.

Honor With Objects

If you have a few favorite photographs of your late brother, these items can make a heartwarming remembrance on or near the ceremony altar, according to the Bridal Guide. If you choose, you can also include a sign bearing your brother's name and a biblical passage that reminds you of him beside his picture. If your brother was fond of a particular flower, you might also incorporate them into the decorations for your ceremony. Lighting a candle during your ceremony in memory of your brother could be another way to honor his memory. Donating to a charity your brother was passionate about, and mentioning this in your programs, could be another way to acknowledge your brother's impact on your life.

Paper and Memories

Among the more popular ways to acknowledge a brother's impact on your life is with an "In Memory Of" section on your wedding program, according to Inviting Invites. If you choose, you might also read a poem or another selection that reminds you of your brother during the ceremony. A moment of silence or a prayer in your brother's memory could also be a touching gesture.

Mementos and Seats

Marrying couples might also consider saving a deceased brother a seat at both the ceremony and the reception, according to The Knot. These empty seats may be decorated with a flower bouquet, a name plaque, a cross or another item of importance. In other cases, you might choose to wear something that your brother gave you on the big day, or something that belonged to him, like wearing a necklace while your spouse-to-be wears your brother's watch.

Additional Information

Instead of playing music before the ceremony begins, you might choose to display a slideshow depicting your relationship with your spouse instead. Including a few pictures in the slideshow of your late brother can acknowledge his importance in your life, according to the American Wedding website. You could also play some of your late brother's favorite spiritual songs at the ceremony as well, according to the Knot.