How to Receive a Paycheck for Caring for Elderly Parents

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Dealing with the challenges of caring for elderly parents is never easy. Depending on their conditions, you might need to learn to administer medication and basic medical procedures, as well as the best food options for their particular ailments. There may also be issues with cost. Caring for elderly parents can be expensive, particularly when they suffer from long-term, chronic or terminal illnesses. There are ways for you to receive a paycheck for caring for your elderly parents.

Gather the necessary documentation. Before you can apply to receive a paycheck for caring for your elderly parents, you must have documented proof of your situation. This includes proof of your income and your parents' incomes, as well as medical records that describe your parents' health conditions and any long-term care that will be necessary.

Get in touch with the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging to locate the Area Agency on Aging in your city or county. The federal government requires that an agency be located in your city or county, so you should have access to one. Call 202-872-0888 or go online at to find the agency nearest you.

Call the nearest Area Agency on Aging. Set up an appointment with a counselor, and bring all the documentation you gathered. The counselor will be able to tell you which programs you and your elderly parents are eligible for and how you can apply to start receiving a paycheck for being a caregiver. The programs that are available depend on which state you live in, your financial situation, your parents' financial situations and your parents' health conditions. The counselor can provide you with all the applications and paperwork needed to apply to each program applicable to your situation.

Apply for a program known as the "Cash and Counseling Program" if you and your elderly parents qualify. This program is offered to the caregivers of elderly parents if the parents are able to receive Medicaid. You can apply for this program if you live in Arkansas, Florida, New Jersey, Alabama, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington or West Virginia. Application materials can be obtained by calling 617-552-2809. They can be found online at