Quick & Easy, Good-for-You Breakfast Ideas

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Breakfast can be a hectic time in busy households. Many families rely on unhealthy simple carbohydrates and sugary foods, which lead to a lack of energy during the day. Healthy breakfasts, meanwhile, provide fuel necessary for your kids to break from the fast of sleeping and keep going through the morning hours. Breakfast affects not only physical health but mental skills such as concentration and memory as well. With a little planning, make quick breakfasts for your family with nutritious, easy-to-prepare foods.

Tacos and Burritos

Breakfast tacos and burritos are good ways to include many of the foods recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's "Choose My Plate" guidelines, which state that healthy meals should contain fruits, grains, vegetables, protein and dairy. Make breakfast tacos or burritos with lean turkey sausage, cheese, egg, diced potatoes and tomatoes. Other vegetable fillings include corn, mushrooms and bell peppers. Cook the fillings ahead of time, then just warm them up the next morning and allow children to make their own taco or burrito. Supply some fresh berries and cut-up melon for breakfast dessert.

Breakfast Pizza

Make a child-pleasing breakfast in the form of mini pizzas made with English muffins. Layer diced tomatoes, crumbled cooked sausage or ham, scrambled eggs and cheese on the pizza base. Bake briefly to warm the ingredients and melt the cheese. Alternate toppings include lean turkey bacon, bell peppers, green onions and lean ground beef.

Light Breakfasts

Serve plain, low-fat, low-sugar yogurt as part of a healthy, light breakfast. Offer children chunks of fresh fruit to stir in it. Whole-grain cereal stirred into yogurt adds texture children may enjoy. For a portable meal, use the yogurt to make a quick, easy smoothie by blending it with milk, ice and fresh fruit. Other light, healthy breakfast choices include plain instant oatmeal, whole-grain muffins, whole-grain toaster waffles and hot wheat cereal. Serve whole-grain choices with fresh fruit for greater nutritional value.

Bread Bowls

Use an unsliced loaf of multi-grain bread to make an all-in-one breakfast for children. Cut off approximately one-third of the loaf. Hollow out the top of the loaf piece, creating a bowl shape. Fill the edible bowl with a mixture of scrambled eggs, lean breakfast meats, vegetables and cheese. For a meatless breakfast, fill the bowl with a mixture of fresh fruit chunks and yogurt or cream cheese.