Quick Breakfast Smoothies

by Rebekah Richards

Blend yourself a refreshing breakfast smoothie as a quick and healthy way to start your day. Breakfast smoothies are easy to bring to work or school -- and they don't take long to prepare. Plus, homemade smoothies made with real fruit are healthier and less expensive than smoothies sold at most coffee shops and restaurants.

Smoothie Ingredients

For a healthy and satisfying breakfast smoothie, simply combine chopped fruit, milk, yogurt and ice in a blender. You can use just about any type of fruit in a smoothie, including strawberries, raspberries, mango, blueberries, banana, kiwi, cantaloupe or pineapple. Some fruits are particularly complementary, such as strawberry and banana or raspberries and lime juice. Fruit is naturally sweet, so sugar is not usually necessary. Use fruit juice or fruit juice concentrate instead of milk for more sweetness and flavor. The exact ingredients and amounts depend on your preferences -- don't be afraid to experiment.

Extra Nutrition

If you want to add some complex carbs to your smoothie, toss in 1/2 cup instant unsweetened oatmeal or a tablespoon of ground flaxseed for fiber. Add protein by including liquid egg substitute. You can also add small amounts of nutrient-rich vegetables, such as spinach; you won't be able to taste it, but you'll benefit from the added nutrients. Include protein powder or other supplements in your smoothie as well.


Make breakfast smoothies more convenient by buying precut fruit instead of washing and cutting fresh fruit yourself. If you cut your own fruit, cut several pieces ahead of time and refrigerate them in a resealable plastic container. Frozen or canned fruit also work well in smoothies, but choose fruit canned in water instead of syrup. Finally, if you're only making smoothies for one, consider purchasing a single serve blender with a jar that detaches and doubles as a glass.


Smoothies are quick to make, but a little preparation makes your morning even easier. Collect your ingredients in the fridge or freezer in the evening, so they're ready for blending in the morning. Pour your ingredients into the smoothie jar and place the jar in the refrigerator, or store ingredients for a week's worth of smoothies in separate plastic bags. In the morning, you'll have a fresh smoothie in less than a minute.

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