Prom Checklist for Guys

Prom is a traditional formal dance that allows high school students a chance to dress up, dance and hang out with friends. Properly preparing for that special night will help you and your date have a magical time and make memories that last for a lifetime.


Choosing to take a date to the prom is up to the individual as many opt to attend with a group of friends. If you choose to take a girl, you have the option of taking a current girlfriend, friend or someone you like. Ask the individual well before the prom to allow time for her to ask her parents and select a dress.


Many schools require students to purchase tickets in advance of the prom. Purchase tickets for yourself as well your date if taking one. You should purchase the tickets promptly after they go on sale as many schools stop selling them before the actual prom date.

Dinner Reservations

Pre-prom dinner adds another element of fun to the prom activities. Choosing a restaurant should depend on your monetary budget, food preferences and the impression you are trying to make on your date. It is tradition at most schools for students to eat at a fine dining establishment since they will be dressed in formal attire. Make a reservation for you, your date and any other couples who will be accompanying you for at least two hours before the prom start time to give you enough time.

Tuxedo or Suit

A tuxedo or suit is the standard attire for guys at prom. Tuxedos can be rented for the day from local wedding or formal attire shops. A suit is acceptable also and will save you quite a bit of money. Tuxedos come with a vest and tie that are available in many colors to match your date's dress. It is important that you reserve your tuxedo well in advance as styles are limited in the busy prom season.


It is customary that the guy purchase his date a corsage to wear on her wrist. They can be purchased from local flower shops and are designed to match the girl's dress.

Car or Ride

Guys like to impress their dates and friends by driving a shiny new sports car or old vintage car. If you don’t have an impressive car, you can ask to borrow your parents', relatives' or parents' friend's. Another option is for a group of people to split a limousine for the night. Limousines take the worry of driving away and are sure to impress everyone when arriving at the prom.