Bulgarian Traditions and Customs for Dating

When dating someone from Bulgaria, it's important to respect customs and traditions of the culture. In the United States, dating can be a casual thing while in Bulgaria it is taken seriously because women are highly respected. Though there are few differences, it is important to take the time to learn these traditions before attempting a serious relationship with a Bulgarian.

Characteristics of Bulgarian Women

Bulgarian women lead a traditional life where they take roles such as homekeepers, cooks and mothers. Because women have these traditional roles they expect high respect from men. These women have strong minds and are not afraid to speak their mind and be blunt. Bulgarians are passionate and can come off as possessive.


Dating is a long process because Bulgarians do not let their guards down easily. It is common for Bulgarians to only date Bulgarians, especially in Bulgaria, because the country is not as culturally diverse as other countries. Dating is a slow process with many dinners and activities where the couple can get to know each other.


Engagements are an important part of Bulgarian culture. Traditionally the man sends a close friend to ask the woman's father for permission to marry his daughter. The father then asks the daughter three times on different occasions if she wants to marry the man. if she says yes every time the father will grant permission for marriage. Engagements only happen on Sundays or major holidays.


Dates are similar to other countries where it is important to impress the woman. It's important for men to be respectful and show interest in the woman. He should bring a small gift to impress her. The man should also pay for the meal or activity on the date. A positive attitude is necessary and he should be out to impress her.