Place Card Ideas for Wedding Rehearsal Dinners

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A wedding rehearsal dinner provides a great opportunity for the wedding party to rehearse for the wedding ceremony while bringing everyone together for a great meal. Once you have determined the event's seating arrangement, use a little creativity and whimsy to create unique place cards.

Card On Back Of Chair

A unique way to use place cards is not to place them on the table. Instead, place each card on the back of a chair by tying ribbon around the chair and hang folded place cards in the middle of the ribbon. Make the ribbon and the cards the same as your wedding colors to keep your theme consistent.

Seasonal Cards

If you are getting married around a holiday, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Thanksgiving use the holiday as your inspiration. For example, for a Christmas wedding, use a flat snowflake ornament with a small tag attached for the guest’s name. Scrawl the person’s name on a dried leaf for a fall wedding. Cut red and pink paper in the shape of a heart for your Valentine’s wedding. Include a Hershey’s kiss candy for an added touch.

Picture Frames

Another great idea for your rehearsal dinner place cards is to use picture frames. Write the person’s name on a small paper and insert into the frame. Alternatively, use an actual snapshot of each person and insert this image into the frame. Instruct your guests to look for their pictures rather than their names.

Napkin Decor

If you would like an elegant touch to your wedding rehearsal, begin by cutting bendable greenery into long strips as seen on the Shelterpop website. Wrap these sprigs around your cloth napkins. Tie a ribbon around the sprigs and napkin. Scrawl each guest’s name on a small circle of paper. Punch a hole at the top and string a ribbon through the opening. Tie the name tag with the ribbon to the ribbon you wrapped around the napkin.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes all it takes to make a seating card more contemporary is a charming take on the traditional place card. Rather than using a plain white card, use a patterned paper with heart designs or love quotes on it. Write the guests' names in a dark marker so guests can clearly read them.

Spell Out Their Names

A cute way to create a unique place card is by using Scrabble tiles and holders from the popular board game to spell out each guest's name. Place the holders in front of each seat.


For a cheap solution that looks expensive, use the origami folding techniques of Martha Stewart Weddings or Origami Resource Center to showcase your place cards. Several options are available on these sites and provide step-by-step instructions on creating paper in the shape of a heart, butterfly, flower and a bride and groom set. Purchase paper in a six inch square size and in a pattern that corresponds with your design, such as a floral print for a flower or paper with a heart design for the heart shape place card. After following the directions on the website, tuck each place card inside the shape.