Papaya Soap for Skin Whitening


0:04 hi everyone and dr. Taba Sameer

0:07 physician and owner of Maersk in

0:09 dermatology here in New York City a lot

0:11 of people come and they asked me about

0:13 tips on brightening their skin and one

0:15 of the most common things they ask about

0:17 is papaya and papaya soaps and papaya

0:20 enzymes for brightening the skin

0:22 now papaya contains something called

0:24 papain which is actually a protein ace

0:26 and that might sound really fancy but

0:28 what that really means is it's an enzyme

0:30 that the papaya has which can actually

0:33 dissolve the dead outer layer of skin

0:34 sitting on top of your face now if you

0:37 can go to a organic store and pick up a

0:40 bar of papaya soap you might find that

0:43 over time it will help to brighten your

0:45 skin now in no way does it light or

0:48 bleach it however the effects of Piatt

0:50 are very very subtle and it's hard for

0:52 people to get it actual papaya soap with

0:55 concentrations that are high enough to

0:57 actually cause some sort of a benefit so

0:59 there are alternatives to papaya soap

1:01 and what I like to recommend are things

1:03 like glycolic acid especially in your

1:05 cleansers and your creams like colic

1:07 face wash will work a little bit faster

1:09 than papaya it's a lot easier to find

1:13 it's readily available and it can work a

1:15 lot faster than papaya so I would

1:17 definitely go out and pick up some

1:18 glycolic face wash to help you with a

1:21 complexion I hope these tips helped you

1:24 thanks for tuning in and dr. Tabassum

1:26 ear of mare skin

1:30 you